Crane Mats and Hardwood Mats in Gonzales, LA

Cajun Mat has a wide variety of mats to handle your needs for whatever project you may have.

Crane Mats

There are various type of crane mats available from Cajun Mat. We choose only the best dense mixed hardwoods. All of our crane mats are made safer by creating narrow notches with exposed 1 ¼ inch lifting bolts on each end. We ensure all long bolts are cut flush to surface of the mat to prevent on the job injuries on the workforce. The sizes we offer for rental are 12"x4'x16', and 12"x4'x20'. We can also build custom crane mats to meet and specific size requirement. Thicknesses range from 6” to 12”, length from 4’ to 40’, and width from 24” to 96”.

Laminated Mats

Cajun Mat offers laminated mats which consist of 3 layers of mixed hardwood 2x8's. These can be used for construction, trucks, or mud work areas. Uses include swamp mats, temporary roads, and ground protection. They are also used for transmission lines, pipeline construction, and bridge construction. Our laminated mats available for rental and purchase are 6"x8'x16', but we can build custom laminated mats to meet your specific size requirements for purchase.

Used Mats

Since these mats are so durable, they can be reused. We offer used mat for purchase at a reduced cost. Contact us for specific pricing.